Modern Design of Lulantatibu Batik Becomes the Highlight Attention in NFW Cultural Campaign Activities

KBRN, Nunukan: The Nunukan Fashion Week (NFW) was held in front of the Dwikora Monument. One of the clothes that managed to steal the attention was Lulantatibu Batik on Sunday (14/08/2022).

Lulantitubu Batik has a particular style of four Dayak tribes located on the boundary of the Nunukan Regency. Namely, the Lundayeh Dayak, Tagalan Dayak, Taghol Dayak, Tidung Dayak, and Bulungan were then abbreviated Lulantatibu and purposely made to be modern clothing.

Natasha Permata Aidi, also known as Hj Tasha, the Nunukan District Tourism Ambassador in 2013, revealed that she was happy to campaign for the local culture of Lulantatibu Batik in NFW.

"Of course, it is an honor to wear Lulantatibu Batik in this fashion show. To be precise, we are showing people like this the typical batik style of Nunukan Regency," she said.

Additionally, Hj. Tasha, who also serves as the Nunukan Regency KNPI's administrator, expressed the hope that in the future, the community, particularly young people, will support efforts to make Lulantatibu Batik the focus of fashion-related events.

"In the future, I hope that the community, especially youth, can carry out other activities that showcase creativity and fashion innovation with the theme Lulantatibu Batik as a form of love for local culture," she added.

On the other hand, please note that the batik clothing worn is a gradation of Batik Lulantatibu with a pattern using natural dyes, slurry, and design obtained from Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) Brilliant in Nunukan Regency. (Vylandra Violetta Rachmaniar)

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