Join the Gate Competition: Rt 06 Nunukan Utara Decorates the Gate With Golden Garuda

KBRN, Nunukan: Welcoming the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, RT 6 Nunukan Utara decorated the gate with a golden garuda, representing North Nunukan Village participating in the Regency-level gate competition. In addition to the gate competition, there are also 17 children's level competitions and competitions for the adult level, such as tug-of-war competitions and krupuk eating competitions.

12 RT were included in the North Nunukan Village, but only RT 06 and RT 04 were selected to participate in the district-level gate competition. Head of RT 06 North Nunukan, Darliansyah (15/8), said that after consulting with residents and community leaders (14/8/ 2022) then, it was agreed that the concept of the gate was to make a golden garuda which symbolizes the high value and dignity of the citizens of RT 06.

"As for the golden garuda symbol, the philosophy is that the dignity and dignity of the residents of RT 06 is increasingly rising," said Darliansyah on Monday (15/8/2022).

To revitalize North Nunukan Village's environment, RT 06 held a tug-of-war competition, dangdut ball competition, and tumpeng rice competition. The winner was announced on the night of August 16, while in the RT-level karaoke competition, the winner was announced after the commemoration of Independence Day on August 17. (Luthfan Daffa Firnanda)

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