On August 17th, The 10-Kilometers Flag Unfurling on Sebatik Island Will Pass Through the Waters

KBRN, Nunukan: The unfurling 10-kilometer flag on Muri's list of records passes through Sebatik Island's waters. According to the Head of the 10 KM Flag Unfurling Committee, Cucuk, confirmed by rri.ci.id said, the August 17th proclamation anniversary ceremony was carried out and continued with the installation of a 10-kilometer flag. The release then began from the Naval Post bridge.

"After the ceremony, followed by the unfurling of the 10 KM flag, Dedi, Danlanal, and community leaders headed to the Posal bridge to release the flag. The stretch passed through the sea and ended in the Bajo river," said Cucuk. Monday (15/8/2022).

The committee's readiness has already reached 50%, with the first event taking place on August 17th and featuring a tug of war, karaoke race, pinang climbing, and a plastic waste recycling competition that may have economic value. (Vylandra Violetta Rachmaniar)

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