The Indonesian National Armed Force (TNI)'s Efforts to Prevent Understanding Radicalism in Frontier Area

KBRN, Nunukan: Located at the Lumbis District Office, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan, about 40 residents attended counseling about preventing the spread of radicalism on Monday (08/15/2022). This counseling is a series of the "TNI Manunggal Masuk Desa" activities in the frontier area of 114 Kodim 0911/Nunukan which is included in non-physical targets. Some of those who attended were the representatives from the Lumbis Police, the Head of Lumbis District, and Danramil 0911-05/Lumbis.

Danramil 0911-05/Lumbis, Captain Inf Agus Purnomo said the counseling was aimed at educating residents. Especially, it talked about the dangers of spreading radicalism which is now spreading so fast. The foundation of faith and knowledge of radicalism are very important factors to prevent us from being exposed to radicalism.

The implementation of the"TNI Manunggal Masuk Desa" in the border area 114 Kodim 0911/Nunukan is currently entering its 3rd week. Various physical targets have now progressed beyond 50%. It is planned that the implementation of the TMMD itself will be completed on August 24. (Rizka Erristina Adhisty)

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