Know More About Adan Rice, Krayan

KBRN, Nunukan: In the Krayan sub-district, organic rice has the name Adan Rice. Adan rice is a type of rice grown by the Lundayeh Dayak people, Krayan District, Nunukan, and North Kalimantan. Adan rice is organic rice grown traditionally by the Lundayeh Dayak ancestors for generations.

The texture of Adan Rice after cooking is fluffier and has a legit taste. This is what makes Nasi Adan the Sultan of Brunei's favorite rice. Adan rice itself is classified as organic rice with high quality. In the process, starting from planting to harvesting, this rice does not have any chemical intervention. Adan krayan rice has three select types: white Adan Rice, Red Adan Rice, and Black Adan Rice.

What makes this Adan Krayan Rice very special is that this rice seed can only grow on Krayan soil.

Adan Rice cannot be harvested continuously during the harvest period but can only be harvested once every six months. Black Adan rice itself has high quality, above the average black rice in general, because Adan Rice has fine fiber with a unique aroma and taste, as well as high protein and low fat. 

The planting process can not be careless, and everything must be arranged. They start from how to plant, plant spacing to the length of time for seeding. If pests attack Adan Rice, the farmers repel pests with natural ingredients without a mixture of chemicals. The planting and harvesting procedure still maintains the processes carried out by the Lundayeh Dayak ancestors. (Siti Rahmadianti A.S) 

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