Batik Lulantatibu from Kalimantan Island

KBRN, Nunukan: The word Lulantatibu is an abbreviation of the names of several Dayak tribes living in the border area of Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan. The Dayak tribes are the Lundayeh Dayak, Tagalan Dayak, Taghol Dayak, Tidung Dayak and Bulungan. Batik Lulantatibu itself has now been patented and officially received an IPR in May 2017.

Lulantatibu batik, a combination of 4 ethnic Dayak patterns, has been developed by the Nunukan Regency government since 2010. "In 2010, batik became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and each region must have one batik template. Later, the Nunukan Regency Government discovered and documented the motives of 4 Dayak tribes in Nunukan. We will collect data and explore the philosophy behind this motive," said Wahyu Puji Lestari, Head of Partnerships and Creative Economy of the Nunukan Regency Culture, Tourism and Sports Office.

The search for samples for Lulantatibu batik took several years because there were four Dayak tribes in Nunukan Regency that had samples with their tribal characteristics. (Dhani Hadi Wijoyo)

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