16 Garuda Nunukan Scout Participants Attend the National Jamboree in Cibubur

KBRN, Nunukan: National Radio News Agency (KBRN), Nunukan: On August 12 - 21, 2022, 16 selected participants participated in the National Jamboree at the Cibubur Campground, Jakarta. Syafarudin, as Deputy Chairman of The Scout Movement Institution (Kwarcab) Binawasa Nunukan, said Garuda scout is an example for the Youngers, the community, and the environment. Another benefit will give motivation on how to become a Garuda scout.

As a result, they can represent Nunukan Regency in participating in the 11th National Jamboree in Cibubur, Jakarta. Meanwhile, they were selected from the results of the selection at the school level. They attended the training center for three days.

"So they have been prepared for about a month for selection to our younger siblings both in Kwaran and Kwarcab," he said Wednesday (10/8/2022).

He hopes that Garuda scouts can set an excellent example to the younger generation and the Local Government because they are scout delegates in Nunukan Regency.

"Until nowadays, it is necessary to print Garuda Scouts. So for Nunukan, it has carried out all stages and inaugurated. All the programs launched by the Kwarcab Nunukan Scout Movement can move it well. They are supported by the governor and related ranks, Kwaran administrators, principals, gudep coaches, the parents, and students," he said.

Additionally, Asmin Laura, as Nunukan Regent, said they could participate in this National Jamboree activity as well as possible. Because of the routine agenda every year had been abolished since the Covid-19 Pandemic and returned to activity again.

"Of course, I am glad and proud of all the preparations they have prepared, and I see that they are very well prepared for the boys and girls Then, there is another agenda for the preparation of Garuda Scouts," he explained. (Raihan)

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