The Tapal Batas School for TKI Children

KBRN, Nunukan: The Tapal Batas School in Sei LimauVillage, Central Sebatik District, makes it simpler for kids whose parents are migrant workers (TKI) in Malaysia. The school close to Malaysia's border provides accommodations for people who have had difficulty attending school in Malaysia. Jumaris, one of the locals, claimed that the TapalBatas school had been beneficial.

"Because in Malaysia, we can't send our children to school, so thank God for this school, children can go to school even though it is far away," said Jumaris. Wednesday (10/08/2022).

As an Indonesian Worker (TKI), Jumaris wants a change in social status in his family, so he encourages his children to be able to get rid of education.

"Even though we are migrant workers, we want our children to be successful, unlike us who have to work hard," he expected.

Although he must travel a long distance from where he works on the Malaysian border to the Tapal Batas School, Jumarisinsists on sending his children to school. (Vylandra Violetta Rachmaniar)

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