Socialization of BPJS Employment Program for Imam, Khatib, Teacher of the Koran, Sunday Schools, and Pastors

KBRN, Nunukan: Regional Government, BPJS Employment and Baznas Nunukan cooperate in the BPJS Employment Program for Imams, Khatib, Teachers of Koran, Sunday Schools and Pastors. The Regent of Nunukan Asmin Laura said that spiritual development has a significant role in human development in all Indonesian regions. Likewise, in NunukanRegency, mental and spiritual development is also a determinant of overall development success. Development in Nunukan Regency is pursuing physical and material success and encouraging mental and spiritual development that grows well so that there is a balance in the development goals to be achieved.

This is a concern of the Regional Government considering the progress of physical development in Nunukan Regency. Having solid, strong, and rooted foundations in the community by considering existing spiritual values and norms.

“All our working community participate in the BPJS Employment program. We also give examples and proof of the recipients symbolically, coincidentally, he died, three days after the arrangement and had no time to become a member card, because he died but his family received compensation of approximately Rp. 43 million,” she explained. Wednesday (10/8/2022).

She admitted that there was still something to be done because pastors are still looking for the right formula so that it can also be included in the BPJS Employment program.

"In principle, the Regional Government encourages all our working community, especially those who get job opportunities, to join this program together, and the religious figures were initiated by Baznas. Coincidentally, some are funded by Baznas of Nunukan", she said.

Until now, the local government is committed to encouraging the involvement of parties such as BPJS Employment, Baznas, and North Kalimantan parties to encourage Imams, Khatib, Teachers of Koran, Sunday Schools Teachers, and Pastors in carrying out their noble duties. (Shela Ramadhani Putri)

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