Kratom Trees Growing Wild in Nunukan Regency

KBRN, Nunukan: Kratom trees are trees found in Nunukan Regency. These trees grow on vacant land near residential areas in Nunukan Regency. The kratom tree itself has another name Mitragyna Speciosa Korth. The characteristic of the kratom tree itself is the leaves that are shaped like guava plants.

The Kratom tree is included in the type of plant that is quite dangerous because it has the same impact as marijuana leaves when someone uses it. The hallucinations and delusion felt by a person when using kratom leaves are the same as using marijuana, except that the leaves from the kratom tree itself have not been categorized into class I narcotics.

Kratom trees themselves can grow in swamps and mountains. At first, the residents did not know that the leaves from the kratom tree themselves have hallucinatory effects like marijuana leaves. Therefore, the Nunukan National Narcotics Agency taught the surrounding community about the kratom tree and the dangers that can arise after consuming the leaves of the kratom tree.

Dried Kratom leaves are usually exported to America for opium as a base material. For the price itself, dried kratom leaves are sold at the cost of 10,000/kg. (Siti Rahmadianti A.S) 

Quoted from Niaga Asia

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