New Year Time to Go Appeal

KBRN, Nunukan: We are now in Muharram's New Year in the year of hijriyah in exactly 1444H. It is the turn of the year and as the messenger of Rasulullah SAW has indicated in which each year the whole of his people are commanded to advance especially in the matter of worship.

Trying to appeal for the sins that had been committed in the past year and cleansing ourselves firmly to Allah SWT. With each passing year, the trial of living a life grows harder, and tests of maintaining faith are also increasingly severe. It was presented by Ustadz Anam Azhari in the Kuliah Subuh Ceremony Thursday on RRI Nunukan (11/8/22).

"The previous year we passed the test in defense of the faith, how the comparative levels of faith in the past, yesterday and today are either very good. So, is obligatory for appeal and that needs to be fixed especially when it comes to praying.” He said. 

There is still much to learn about the quality of faith in the last few days. Always put worship first and understand the first duty of serving Allah SWT. Continue to promote faith and religious and religious diversity in the worship of the almighty god. (Rakha Rafisyahada)

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