The Construction of 3T (Front, Outermost, and Disadvantaged) Areas Amid Scarcity of Fuel Oil

KBRN, Nunukan: The momentum for implementing the 114th Indonesian National Armed Forces United to Develop Villages; Republic of Indonesia (TMMD) for the fiscal year 2022 may encounter more severe obstacles than usual this time. As we all know, the scarcity of fuel oil has recently become a particular problem in our society.

Moreover, this will undoubtedly impact various socioeconomic activities, including development in remote areas, particularly border areas such as Nunukan.

Mansalong Village, located in Lumbis District, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan, is one of the remote villages currently cooperating with the TNI (Indonesian National Military) and the Nunukan Regency Government, particularly to address the village's limited infrastructure, which is home to approximately 55 families.

This time, the implementation of TMMD in border areas 114 Kodim 0911/Nunukan included those who felt the impact of fuel oil shortages, as did most people. However, according to Bati Ter TMMD 114 Kodim 0911/Nunukan, Peltu Candra, when confirmed by RRI Monday (8/8/2022). "This is not a significant obstacle."

Construction activity will continue as usual. The delivery of materials did not appear too constrained, as the team dispatched to build various physical targets in the field had anticipated this.

Until the publication of this news, the progress of physical infrastructure development, such as the opening of roads, the construction of culverts, duiker plates, toilets, and the renovation of religious buildings, had been more than 50% completed. These physical targets are expected to be completed before the TMMD closes on August 26.

Obviously, in keeping with the momentum of this year's 77th Indonesian Independence Day, all parties hope that the results of the development carried out by the TMMD Kodim 0911/Nunukan task force will be felt immediately by all residents, particularly those in Mansalong Village, Lumbis District, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan. (Farida Nur Aini)

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