Ahead of Independence, This Is a Special Gift from The TMMD Task Force District Military Command of Nunukan for the Border Church Congregation

KBRN, Nunukan: Starting from the resident's complain, District Military Command 0911 of Nunukan trough TNI Manunggal Membangun Desa (TMMD) Task Force for the 144 Border Region following up the rehabilitation of the Santa Theresia Catholic Church, located in Lumbis District, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan.

The church is becoming more colorful, providing comfort for the congregation. Although the rehabilitation of the building has only reached 80%, the church in the Lumbis area, which usually accommodates dozens of congregations, looks even more beautiful.

Yulius, a Catholic Church of Santa Theresia member, actively helped the TMMD Task Force personnel carry out the church's rehabilitation work. He said that residents always complained about the condition of the Santa Theresia Catholic Church Location.

"The residents' complaints such as the walls that become brittle, this makes residents worry when carrying out worship," said Yulius when confirmed by RRI, Sunday (7/8/2022).

He said the residents' complaints were one of the considerations for the District Military Command 0911 of Nunukan. So, it was set as one of the physical targets of the 114th TMMD activity.

"Since the entry of TMMD at the target review stage, we immediately it to the Head of Village, so that the Santa Theresia Catholic Church Location could be included in the target," said Yulius.

Meanwhile, according to Bati Ter TMMD Task Force of District Military Command 0911/Nunukan, Peltu Candra, his party was pleased with the warm welcome of the residents and the initiative of the congregation members, who also helped the task force work in carrying out the rehabilitation of this house of worship.

He hopes that in the future, all the work processes can be completed and used by the people to be more comfortable in worship. (Shela Ramadhani Putri)

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