Haven't Got Permission Yet, Nunukan Fashion Week has been Postponed Again

KBRN, Nunukan: The committee had not obtained clearance from the security authorities. Thus Nunukan Fashion Week had to be delayed once more. The Head of Youth and Sports Division, Disbudporapar Nunukan Regency, Hj. Rina DwiJulianti said it was still coordinating with the Nunukan Police related to the permit for the activity.

"So, because there are indications that there are pros and cons in public, the permission must be signed by witnesses, such as religious leaders, community leaders, well, this is what we have not yet communicated," said Rina, Saturday (06/08/2022).

Rina claimed that the purpose of the activity was to give the Nunukan Regency residents, especially young people, a place to express their creativity.

"Our goal is for creativity, maybe because in some areas many are problematic, so in Nunukan it is also considered as such, but it is not," she added.

This creativity event is purely for young people who are talented in the fashion field, so it is expected not to cause pros and cons in public, including not providing opportunities for fashion shows that are considered deviant. (Vylandra Violetta Rachmaniar)

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